For the year 2020 (Which will also be our last year living on the road)  Along with touring and playing many shows, we will be devoting much of our time filming our adventure. Combined with footage from the last 5yrs ,  we will be releasing a double DVD set which will also include much of my life's work thus far. This movie will be made in a unique

documentary format different from traditional ways of viewing one's accomplishments.  Our hard work earned from playing shows, selling CDs and other merchandise have covered most of our

expenses like gas, food. lodging, bills and the like.

We are asking for your support in helping use acquire two vital items to complete this project.

1. Film equipment

2. Editing software

We have many friends who are professionals in this field to help and guide us in creating a high quality work that will last through the ages. 

If you would to participate in this journey with us,  click on the link and choose the way you would like to help. There many incentives and exciting gifts to experience. Thank you for your kind attention. We'll see you on the road.